Third broadcast on Radioactive Radio.

Hello, Dust Puppies. Neon Cinderella here, transmitting live from Zone 6. So, I take it most of you have heard our favorite DJ's broadcast?

I have no words.

This record, the Killjoys' record... it is a beautiful thing. Not to mention the amazing visuals that made me feel like I was tripping acid or having a seizure or some other ridiculous thing.  From start to finish, this album has gotten under my Sun-toughened skin and connected with the depths of my soul (if there is such a thing as one).

But why?

Well, my dear Mayhem Makers, I had to think about it, listening to the songs on repeat on my portable music player whilst out driving around the Zones on my motorbike. I quickly realized why this happened.

Do any of you remember those days when we were young, way before the Detonation happened or Battery City was founded? When we didn't know we would all be running around in the post-apocalyptic desert clad in multicolor attire? We were all kids once, kids with desires, aspirations and freedom. We were unafraid to dream, and dream big. We could be anything we wanted; one day we were Batman, the next day we were firefighters, and the next day we were kings and queens. 

But what happens when we grow up?

We are taught to dream, to play and to do when we are kids, but when we reach the first signs of adulthood, we are taught to take things "seriously" and to be "realistic". Any "childish" dreams or ideas are shoved to the back row of our mind, haunting us as we grow older each day.

This record reminded me of why we cannot grow up. By this, I am not referring to sitting around your house in diapers because you don't wanna take responsibility for yourself and because you need to depend on people to wipe your ass for you. I mean growing up in the sense that we become mature children. With life, comes experiences and everything that happens to you will teach you something new. The challenge is to keep the kid inside you alive, dream big and to take every moment as a step closer to achieving your dream.

They say that people who have their heads up too high in the clouds will fall hard when "reality" hits them. But what is reality, really, besides a situation you create for yourself? If you believe in something, if you love something, if you fight for it, if you work hard, there is no way you will lose. This is what 'Danger Days' reminded me about.

Speaking of growing up, I would like to talk about why my Killjoy name is dear to me:

Neon Cinderella. If you break it down to two words, you get:

-Cinderella: a fictional Disney princess character. This, to me, is a metaphor of being a kid and living according to one's dreams, of being fearless of what stands in your way. It is a representation of a girl who has aspired to be everything and anything.

-Neon: fluorescent lighting or sign. For me, neon is something used frequently to advertise stores, restaurants or other types of places. It is a representation of having to accept the "reality" that exists around you, of having to grow up and change.

But, when I put these two together it isn't just 'Neon' and 'Cinderella. 

Neon Cinderella: a girl who has remained a kid while growing up and adapting to the changes she goes through without compromising her dreams, in such a way where she has learned to keep her hopes alive through it all.

That is what I try to live by everyday. It is not the simplest thing to do, as we are surrounded by beings who will tirelessly try to hammer those ideas out of our minds. This is where you must stay strong, Desert Dolls: never lose that childlike hope that is unconditional and undefeatable. 

We are the Fabulous Killjoys, and there is a reason we are a family.

Hm, I realize I've touched upon many themes here. My final point is to say that, if you haven't listened to the 'Danger Days' broadcast Dr Death Defying didwatch it here.

I'd like to add that my Transmission is in the broadcast! I was shocked to see it there (pleasantly shocked, of course). It is at minute 25:12 and the original video transmission can be viewed here.

So long, my friends, my brothers, my sisters. Until next time, keep fighting.


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