Second transmission on Radioactive Radio.

Hola, Danger Devils. Neon Cinderella here, live from the Synthetic Frontier on the pirate radio frequency. Hope you are all keeping it polished out there.

As I lurked through the alleyways of Battery City today, I was disturbed by the amount of shameless control the Better Living bastards have over the place.  It may have been bad before, but now it's just scary.  Not to mention those S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W/ suckers helping them demolish any attempt of justified rebellion.  The city's offices and schools are filled with the dull faces of victims of emotion-altering pills and cookie-cutter "perfection".  Going around the city was like being immersed in an antique film: silent and black-and-white. These people have a vague or no notion at all of what being alive is. They do not know what lies outside the city's skyscrapers.

They do not know freedom.

Besides the propaganda and the 'WANTED' posters, they have an incomplete and censored perspective of what it truly means to be a Killjoy.  A Killjoy is: an agent of annihilation, a freedom fighter, a technicolor time-bomb, a rainbow ranger, a desert detonator, a creator and a destroyer. We are tough, we are loving, we are stubborn, we are fearless, we are brave, we are fast, we are loud, we are rebels, we are adventurous, we are happy, we are sad, we are angry, we are clever, we are colorful. 

Nobody can ever take that away from you. 
No one can ever take YOU away from yourself.

And that is what this whole thing is about. Standing together for a greater cause, picking each other up when we are tripped and then sawing off the leg of the person who tripped you. Figuratively, of course.

I leave you now, Bombshell Babies, to listen to "Into The Mystic" by Van Morrison.

Remember that, once you have your freedom, you must fight to keep it every single day. Keep your freedom shiny. Keep it polished.

No shame, Killjoys!


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